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Available Services

Skin Care

Hair Removal

Skin and Beauty HQ offers IPL Laser Hair Removal, Body Sugaring and Waxing for all your hair removal needs.


Plasma Lifting

Plasma Lifting is the ultimate skin tightening treatment with long lasting  results.See an instant lift with the surgery. It can also be used to remove skin tags and moles.



Facials for all skin concerns and skin types tailored to your individual needs ensuring you get the most out of every facial treatment and see great results.


Radio Frequency Treatments

Radiofrequency is a non-surgical method for tightening the skin. There are several radiofrequency treatments available that use energy waves to heat the dermis, the skin's deep layer. The heat stimulates collagen production, leading to tighter, smoother and more rejuvenated skin.


Weight Management

From Ultrasound Cavitation to Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) we can customise a plan to help you reach you weightloss goals faster. We also have an infrared sauna available.

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For the ultimate spa experience you cant get better than a relaxing and rejuvenatating massage.

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